Hello People.

Anyone heard of SONOS?

I thought it was funny when I heard about this fancy system for piping digital music all through your house. It’s got a wireless remote control and allsorts. It reminds me of wiring up an old digs with knackered old speakers for a party years ago. But this?

Heh, heh.

Heh, heh.

What’s wrong with people? Can’t they just buy some inexpensive speaker wire and be done with it – or, the best yet – just turn it up a bit when you go in the shower. Why codify and technologise your hi-fi to this extent? OK, it’s pretty cool in a way. To have overthought it to this extent shows a certain wild-eyed steady handed auditory determination.

Imagine the slight glee when I heard about some research by Forrester which suggested that folk tend to just turn it up.

Maybe I’m dead wrong and this is actually really class, and I’m reading it all upside down. But come on man. get a grip.




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  1. Hello CM,

    We would be happy to introduce you to Sonos. I think you’ll find a very large number of music lovers worldwide claim that they listen to more music than they ever have in their life thanks to their Sonos Multi-Room Music System. A quick Google of the term Sonos will also provide you more background on Sonos and our offering.

    You can reach me at t h o m a s . m e y e r @ s o n o s . c o m

    Thomas Meyer
    Sonos, Inc.

  2. I’ve got a Sonos system and must say its awesome… i love it. I’m a music lover though so your mileage my vary. Once you use a Sonos, “just turning it up” doesn’t quite cut it any more… you should check around the net for some of their reviews they’ve got some pretty big kudos from some big names (mossberg, Sound and Vision etc).

    have fun.

  3. Thanks chaps. Perhaps I will be converted given time. Perhaps I’m merely balking at the price of the thing…! I’ll stick with long speaker wires for now.

    Cheers!± CM

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