He don't look like this anymore....No sir.

He don't look like this anymore....No sir.

Hey people. Today, I hope your thoughts go out to Bob. He’s a Dragon Plant that we’ve been ‘looking after’ here at the company, but I must be frank – we’ve been very bad carers.

Yesterday his pot got kicked over and it was brought to our attention just how sick the little mite is.He ran out of sunlight and water, but he pushed on – he’s a plant, y’see? That’s what they do. But when he ran out of love – his cells turned on themselves and he just wore away….

I had to amputate one of his trunks straight away and give him a proper watering – and it may still be too late. He needs music. We’ll start him on gentle electronic noodlings and get him back towards soft rock via Tangerine Dream and Enya (if you saw the state of him you’d understand). But it’s going to be a long time before he’ll be in any fit state for Slayer or Nile (his previous favourites). One step at a time Bob.

Join us as we chart Bob’s road back to health, here at the Ginger Music Company.


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  1. Bob shed a few leaves this morning. I put him in the sun for an hour, though it’s cold… He needs plenty of water and the opportunity to photosynthesise!

    Let him have what he needs we must! C

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