Saturday Morning 09.53


Morning people. I hope you’re mostly still in bed (except The Reason, who by rights should be en route to band practice!).

This correspondent is under the weather, with a sand-head, and festivities this evening… It’d be much more suitable to stay in with Lemsip (TM). But needs must and a birthday is a birthday (not mine I hasten to add).

Hopefully our workshop bands will be appearing at the Ouseburn Fest, in July, which would be a ‘major boon’.

The jingles and so forth are getting off the ground – we’re good at jingles and such here, so get in touch if you need anything!

I’ve been listening to Spice FM around the clock to get maximum Lata and Asha. But they only seem to play concentrated old hindi film stuff between 4 and 5, am I wrong? It’s a golden hour though, and it’s seen a resurgence in cassette tape sales in the area as I relentlessly tape smooth bollywood infused hip hop and Punjabi Ragga styles.

The famous guitar player from Surrey, Jon Mitchell, called yesterday and I mentioned that I’d been listening to indian film soundtracks. He told me about this whole wave of “Midi Eastern” bands like the Refrigerator Mothers who basically get hold of a load of obscure faraway instruments and shred over a psychy drone for over an hour. I mentioned that UK bands had been appropriating ‘exotic’ instruments forever. The Incredible String Band, as well as being absolutely class(±!!) were good for this. And of course there’s the bazouki in irish traditional music … a bit different maybe from the greek version but not THAT different. Check out Planxty and, earlier on, Sweeney’s men …. These aren’t super old bands…. 60s and 70s. Planxty were sort of traditional music superstars. For a “You’ve gone too far but you still rock” perspective, check out the band Horslips !


Bass Jedi Ian Hatton introduced me to Planxty, and I’ll be grateful forever. I remember playing a version of ‘Arthur McBride’ with him and Jon Mitchell at Canizaro park in Wimbledon…But Carmelite (r.i.p.)stole the show that day. Virtuosos Prog Folk y’see.


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