Things are sweeter after coffee

Arrgghhhhhhhhhhh Triplets!

Arrgghhhhhhhhhhh Triplets!

The morning was cold and it was an effort to get up. The woe! After an evening’s Super Mario World and a sleep disturbed by cats, it was always going to be tricky. But then I thought of Bozzio’s Drum Kit and imagined all the possible permutations of Train Beat that he could play! And lo, your author was strengthened. Fortified, I hotfooted it through town to the metro.

Never underestimate the power of an excessive drum kit!

Plenty going on today. Showreels being made for the new shows. New computers being loaded with awesome software… Wires and leads to be wrapped up proper, ladders to return, lists to tick, dodgy cheesy soup to abandon…..

But hey ! We have our new acoustic curtains up in the live room and it sounds class. Al was impressed and consumed several cream eggs. We cranked the 4×12 and the curtains soaked up all the weebly frequencies, justleaving the beef. Good!



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