Monday Morning Tea and Seeds

Pumpkin seed. Fry these like popcorn. Cool. Then eat them.

Pumpkin seed. Fry these like popcorn. Cool. Then eat them.

Hey Blog Manglers.

NSOS is rocking, Reason workshop was rocking on Saturday, with new words and harmony guitars and so forth. Yes, All the things you need. I’m super pumped up because my Uncle Derek gave me some records last week and I just started going through them. The first one I pulled out was Stand Up by Jethro Tull with popout inner. Then it was Physical Graffiti. Then I pulled out Relayer, Yes’s most fusion album. I think it’s going to be a good summer. Gran Torino is a great film, you should go and see it. I watched a lot of films lately that are sort of postmodern, ironic, or films-about-films…I didn’t like them….Gran Torino is an Old School Film. Clint Eastwood is still awesome.

Yes, re: pumpkin seeds. You should fry them like popcorn seeds and let them cool a bit. Maybe put some salt and pepper on….If you add a few mustard seeds when frying, and a tiny bit o’ butter…..It works nice.

Other things that have been pleasing to the palate recently:

Salt and Vinegar rice cakes with a load of hummous and cheap floppy cheese on top

Juiced Apples with a bit of ginger in the mix

Really dodgy Aldi potato wedges cooked for way too long.

And so forth….

Get on with your day people. Get on with something and stop surfing cool blogs!



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