Guitar Workshops are GO!


Hello !

The first season of guitar workshops was great! We worked on some cascading electrified group playing, had some great solos on ‘House of the rising sun’ by young Ella, got some mali-style guitar happening whenever possible, and generally had a good old time.

Workshops will restart soon, and isn’t it high time you came and checked it out? At only £5 an hour it’s a most cost-effective and fun way to meet new people, and most importantly play together to develop new skills. You can pay more than that for a burger! Or parking in town! (BTW we have copious free parking for participants, snack machine, tea and coffee and genuine hospitality!)

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what level you’re at – the broad, inclusive style of these workshops will ensure you go away with food for thought and new techniques to work on!

Call us up or drop an email for more details – it’s springtime and time to learn new things….

0191 469 6988


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