Band Workshops are back!


We’re putting together a great series of band and more general music workshops over the summer and beyond, so watch this space. We’re gearing up toward a big event later in the year, likely in November/December – at a cracking venue here in Gateshead. We’ll be running all sorts of great sessions so get in touch or check the website for more information as it is revealed….

So, if you’re local and want to get involved in some group music sessions, get in touch. If you’re already in a band starting out and want a little help getting it together and really gel as a band, let us be of service! Play at great showcase events and get your music recorded – learn some great tips for promoting your sounds online. Get involved! Whether you play drum kit, ukulele, nose flute*, or any other instrument, we can help you get it together with your bandmates.

We can also accomodate one-off sessions for any group of musicians – from weekending businessmen with a thirst for rock to a progressive skiffle outfit looking to find the right direction. And all points in between. We have a cracking live space which sounds lovely, and some great gear.

*note: Nose flute through a fuzz pedal is not covered by our insurance policy. Wah only.



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