We have a new website!


At last, the scaffold has come off the new Ginger Music Company website – the dust has settled and been swept away and damp dusted down, the workers have gone home to a nice pie and peas, and the new functionality and design is looming large for public consumption and friendly discussion. Mint. Check it out here if you haven’t already, and let us know what you think on the Facebook page.

New features, you ask?

SMILE! as you peruse the new online rehearsal booking system. GASP! at the great videos and audio content. CHEER! as you consider the great new stuff we’ll now be able to add to the website. We have a couple of overseas students working with us over the next few weeks, Daniel and Ashish, who will soon be the introduced to the online masses in a TOP SECRET series of videos showing what we’re up to at the minute. With plenty of stuff going on as usual, it’s going to be good to document some of it. Coming soon to a computer or mobile device near you…..Not to mention a new season of workshops and a showcase coming up…..


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