Word From The New Guys


Hello all! We’re pleased to have a couple of new recruits – at least, for the next seven weeks! Enter stage right, Daniel and Ashish. They’re helping us out in a big way! Thanks guys.

Word from Ashish:

“Hi, my name is Ashish Sharma. I’m from India, and I’m currently pursuing B.tech (Computer Science) from JIIT, Noida. I’m here to work on the new NSOS website and to improve the working parts of the new Ginger Music Company website. This is my first trip outside of India (I came via Moscow…from Russia with love!) and I love the city of Newcastle! The people are great and friendly, with a good (weird) accent. My objectives for the summer are to learn Logic 101 and learn some instruments so I can form a band with Dylan.”

Here’s word from Daniel: 

“Hey, I’m Daniel. I’m from Columbia, Maryland in the US. Back home, I’m finishing up college at Towson University. I’m new to Ginger Music Company. I started last week. I did some research on how to improve the structure of the Northern School of Sound website. This morning I met Chris. Me and Ashish, the other intern here, helped Chris shoot some short promotional movies for the company. You’ll see one each of me and Ashish playing drums. You’ll see me on the piano. And Ashish wanted to do a duet on “Hey Jude.” Since we’re in England, what better than some classic Beatles right? We also got a good view of the Ginger music van. With our help, you’ll be seeing those movies fairly soon. We’ll keep you posted on everything going on around here. Enjoy!”


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