Live Music Videos coming soon!


film high quality music videos cheaply at Ginger Music Company in the north eastOK, so you’re a band or solo artist. You’ve made some good quality recordings, are gigging in some decent venues around the region, and have your online assets in place like a press pack, some fan-sourced videos, perhaps a Bandcamp page or Topspin account to sell your recordings or give them away in exchange for a little data capture. And your mailing list is set up, right? Of course it is – your mailing list is still about the most important thing you have after a) actually being canny good and b) being able to demonstrate this to people without alienating them!

So, what do you need? How about high quality video content with great audio? We’re about to unveil a new service – providing great live music videos recorded right here in the live room, with great lights and sound – and multi camera video all edited smartly in-house. Wait a minute! Surely this will cost a lot of money?! Nope. It’s all here, set up and ready to go. There’s no need for a director, a team of camera guys, or anything else to add to the cost. Just our crack team, some nice editing and great lights, your music and performance, and a lot of cables running up into the studio. We’re still ironing out the details – watch this space for some demos and if you’re interested, get in touch through the usual channels ( CM


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