Return of the Captain


The away team has returned from the surface of planet S23 with mineral and sheet music samples ! Welcome back chaps. Thankfully none of them were wearing a red jumper. Today the newsletter is going out so brace yourselves, internet communication fans! Engage.

Other Crack

In other less space-metaphor based news, Pip’s swinging by today to grab the Yamaha desk for some live tapemaking. Ever used the Yamaha Aw1600 for live recordings? Only two XLR inputs but if you can get away with that, it’s a good little old box.

Generally stuff going on includes Final Cut Pro (the first meet of the Toon Final Cut Pro User Group is tonight in Newcastle, FCP fans), a cool new as-un-named electronic band rocking in the rehearsal rooms, fresh coffee in the fridge, soup, and a sandwich. No bother.

Tan Lines

Dee is semi peeling, but don’t be alarmed. Canny tan for a ginger lad, and he’s on good form as we power forward into the 21st century! Watch this space… CM



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