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And another thing: The Mechanical Music Box


Talk about step sequencing!¬†This is it, the pinnacle of musical instrument technology that involves paper. Punch your own melody with a little notation skill – or, if you can’t be chewed, just hold fire and we’ll get the samples on here so you can play weird little melodies to your heart’s content. If you like this, you might like this history of the pianola. If you’re interested in impossible and brilliant compositions for player piano, check out Conlon Nancarrow. Mind blowing stuff. CM

Mechanical music box punch holes


Rewiring and putting the studio back together


Dee, Pip and Minnis were on a mission to rearrange the bridge of the GMCo Enterprise. Yes, that’s right folks, we’re putting the studio back into its most chilled aspect as we power toward the future! Visitors can expect the sounds of moving couches and lamps, plus the inevitable curses and grunts ¬†associated with reshaping the formidable arrangements of wires, plugs and racks.

As it happens we’re now finished with this process and the place looks and feels fantastic. As always there were lots of wires left over once we rewired all the racks but that’s to be expected. Something to do with wires mating or asymmetrically cloning themselves, or something. Not to worry! It’s probably something to do with this.

Wiring spaghetti

In other news the Logic 301 at Northern School of Sound was great – there have been some truly odd arpeggiated marimbas and 8 bit drum kits pounding out of the teaching room of late. If you’re interested in training in Logic or other music production software at an Apple Approved Training Centre for Pro Apps, visit the Northern School of Sound website.