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Rewiring and putting the studio back together


Dee, Pip and Minnis were on a mission to rearrange the bridge of the GMCo Enterprise. Yes, that’s right folks, we’re putting the studio back into its most chilled aspect as we power toward the future! Visitors can expect the sounds of moving couches and lamps, plus the inevitable curses and grunts  associated with reshaping the formidable arrangements of wires, plugs and racks.

As it happens we’re now finished with this process and the place looks and feels fantastic. As always there were lots of wires left over once we rewired all the racks but that’s to be expected. Something to do with wires mating or asymmetrically cloning themselves, or something. Not to worry! It’s probably something to do with this.

Wiring spaghetti

In other news the Logic 301 at Northern School of Sound was great – there have been some truly odd arpeggiated marimbas and 8 bit drum kits pounding out of the teaching room of late. If you’re interested in training in Logic or other music production software at an Apple Approved Training Centre for Pro Apps, visit the Northern School of Sound website.


Use your brain! Promoting your music online…..


Get your music featured on blogs, useful promo digital tips and other necessities for the modern band!Hello Musicianly people. Here are a few useful things to get you thinking about modern ways to promote your music! Use Facebook? Probably. Here’s a great 40 page guide on doing just that – the Musician’s Playbook! You might also benefit from this article here on Digital Music News: up to date stuff here that’ll give you an idea of the playing field, even if you’re just dipping your toe in. Ever checked out The Hype Machine?

It’s a music blog aggregator and a great way to discover new music. Moreover, it’s a measure of online buzz surrounding artists – bloggers are people you should become friendly with, musicians! Get to know some music blogs that cover music in the same ballpark as yours. Don’t spam them like! This also applies to record stations, radio personalities, and anyone else you think might like your tapes. They’re just not going to be bothered about an unsolicited email. Engage with them and give them something that they ask for! Check out this guide to getting featured on music and other blogs. This is a great way to earn some new fans. Just remember, the recording industry has changed so much that we need to really look at the shape of it nowadays! Think about it: who has the influence to recommend your music to people who, ultimately, might buy something from you? Also don’t suffer the illusion that DIY promo means doing everything yourself. It’s more like Decide it Yourself! you’re still going to need the support network and bonds with other artists that bands have always relied on, so get busy, think outside the box. And make sure you’ve got something worth listening to to start with! Top end recording facilities in Gateshead : Ginger Music Company. Our Facebook page is here. Website is here – or give us a ring on 0191 4696988! See you in the wires and faders….CM

Return of the Captain


The away team has returned from the surface of planet S23 with mineral and sheet music samples ! Welcome back chaps. Thankfully none of them were wearing a red jumper. Today the newsletter is going out so brace yourselves, internet communication fans! Engage.

Other Crack

In other less space-metaphor based news, Pip’s swinging by today to grab the Yamaha desk for some live tapemaking. Ever used the Yamaha Aw1600 for live recordings? Only two XLR inputs but if you can get away with that, it’s a good little old box.

Generally stuff going on includes Final Cut Pro (the first meet of the Toon Final Cut Pro User Group is tonight in Newcastle, FCP fans), a cool new as-un-named electronic band rocking in the rehearsal rooms, fresh coffee in the fridge, soup, and a sandwich. No bother.

Tan Lines

Dee is semi peeling, but don’t be alarmed. Canny tan for a ginger lad, and he’s on good form as we power forward into the 21st century! Watch this space… CM


Live Music Videos coming soon!


film high quality music videos cheaply at Ginger Music Company in the north eastOK, so you’re a band or solo artist. You’ve made some good quality recordings, are gigging in some decent venues around the region, and have your online assets in place like a press pack, some fan-sourced videos, perhaps a Bandcamp page or Topspin account to sell your recordings or give them away in exchange for a little data capture. And your mailing list is set up, right? Of course it is – your mailing list is still about the most important thing you have after a) actually being canny good and b) being able to demonstrate this to people without alienating them!

So, what do you need? How about high quality video content with great audio? We’re about to unveil a new service – providing great live music videos recorded right here in the live room, with great lights and sound – and multi camera video all edited smartly in-house. Wait a minute! Surely this will cost a lot of money?! Nope. It’s all here, set up and ready to go. There’s no need for a director, a team of camera guys, or anything else to add to the cost. Just our crack team, some nice editing and great lights, your music and performance, and a lot of cables running up into the studio. We’re still ironing out the details – watch this space for some demos and if you’re interested, get in touch through the usual channels (info@gingermusiccompany.com). CM

In the mix……


Today we’re on full-steam-ahead research, build and conquer vibe. We’re setting up a great showcase in the new year, as well as a cracking show in a prestigious local venue…. watch this space! Ashish and Daniel are on fine form, pulling together some really useful stuff for Northern School of Sound and setting up the vinyl transfer system, which will be a SUPER BOON. Don’t worry, we’ll have another instalment of their astonishing and varied adventures soon. In the meantime, though, suffice to say that all is cooking, and we have a great sounding live room that you should make tapes in. Minnis has been playing with big old ampeg cabs having an impedance lesson from the aether. Tom is cutting together comps, last seen pumpin’ out some basslines in the teaching room as Daniel works in Soundtrack Pro getting the vinyl right. Ashish is turning up the heat on the NSOS web stuff. Meanwhile, Christine is looking after our bands abroad and Dee is rockin’ out with the band. Suncream, lads! All told, a typically engaging day with many twists and turns. CM

Word From The New Guys


Hello all! We’re pleased to have a couple of new recruits – at least, for the next seven weeks! Enter stage right, Daniel and Ashish. They’re helping us out in a big way! Thanks guys.

Word from Ashish:

“Hi, my name is Ashish Sharma. I’m from India, and I’m currently pursuing B.tech (Computer Science) from JIIT, Noida. I’m here to work on the new NSOS website and to improve the working parts of the new Ginger Music Company website. This is my first trip outside of India (I came via Moscow…from Russia with love!) and I love the city of Newcastle! The people are great and friendly, with a good (weird) accent. My objectives for the summer are to learn Logic 101 and learn some instruments so I can form a band with Dylan.”

Here’s word from Daniel: 

“Hey, I’m Daniel. I’m from Columbia, Maryland in the US. Back home, I’m finishing up college at Towson University. I’m new to Ginger Music Company. I started last week. I did some research on how to improve the structure of the Northern School of Sound website. This morning I met Chris. Me and Ashish, the other intern here, helped Chris shoot some short promotional movies for the company. You’ll see one each of me and Ashish playing drums. You’ll see me on the piano. And Ashish wanted to do a duet on “Hey Jude.” Since we’re in England, what better than some classic Beatles right? We also got a good view of the Ginger music van. With our help, you’ll be seeing those movies fairly soon. We’ll keep you posted on everything going on around here. Enjoy!”

Band Workshops are back!


We’re putting together a great series of band and more general music workshops over the summer and beyond, so watch this space. We’re gearing up toward a big event later in the year, likely in November/December – at a cracking venue here in Gateshead. We’ll be running all sorts of great sessions so get in touch or check the website for more information as it is revealed….

So, if you’re local and want to get involved in some group music sessions, get in touch. If you’re already in a band starting out and want a little help getting it together and really gel as a band, let us be of service! Play at great showcase events and get your music recorded – learn some great tips for promoting your sounds online. Get involved! Whether you play drum kit, ukulele, nose flute*, or any other instrument, we can help you get it together with your bandmates.

We can also accomodate one-off sessions for any group of musicians – from weekending businessmen with a thirst for rock to a progressive skiffle outfit looking to find the right direction. And all points in between. We have a cracking live space which sounds lovely, and some great gear.

*note: Nose flute through a fuzz pedal is not covered by our insurance policy. Wah only.