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Rewiring and putting the studio back together


Dee, Pip and Minnis were on a mission to rearrange the bridge of the GMCo Enterprise. Yes, that’s right folks, we’re putting the studio back into its most chilled aspect as we power toward the future! Visitors can expect the sounds of moving couches and lamps, plus the inevitable curses and grunts  associated with reshaping the formidable arrangements of wires, plugs and racks.

As it happens we’re now finished with this process and the place looks and feels fantastic. As always there were lots of wires left over once we rewired all the racks but that’s to be expected. Something to do with wires mating or asymmetrically cloning themselves, or something. Not to worry! It’s probably something to do with this.

Wiring spaghetti

In other news the Logic 301 at Northern School of Sound was great – there have been some truly odd arpeggiated marimbas and 8 bit drum kits pounding out of the teaching room of late. If you’re interested in training in Logic or other music production software at an Apple Approved Training Centre for Pro Apps, visit the Northern School of Sound website.


Use your brain! Promoting your music online…..


Get your music featured on blogs, useful promo digital tips and other necessities for the modern band!Hello Musicianly people. Here are a few useful things to get you thinking about modern ways to promote your music! Use Facebook? Probably. Here’s a great 40 page guide on doing just that – the Musician’s Playbook! You might also benefit from this article here on Digital Music News: up to date stuff here that’ll give you an idea of the playing field, even if you’re just dipping your toe in. Ever checked out The Hype Machine?

It’s a music blog aggregator and a great way to discover new music. Moreover, it’s a measure of online buzz surrounding artists – bloggers are people you should become friendly with, musicians! Get to know some music blogs that cover music in the same ballpark as yours. Don’t spam them like! This also applies to record stations, radio personalities, and anyone else you think might like your tapes. They’re just not going to be bothered about an unsolicited email. Engage with them and give them something that they ask for! Check out this guide to getting featured on music and other blogs. This is a great way to earn some new fans. Just remember, the recording industry has changed so much that we need to really look at the shape of it nowadays! Think about it: who has the influence to recommend your music to people who, ultimately, might buy something from you? Also don’t suffer the illusion that DIY promo means doing everything yourself. It’s more like Decide it Yourself! you’re still going to need the support network and bonds with other artists that bands have always relied on, so get busy, think outside the box. And make sure you’ve got something worth listening to to start with! Top end recording facilities in Gateshead : Ginger Music Company. Our Facebook page is here. Website is here – or give us a ring on 0191 4696988! See you in the wires and faders….CM

Red Warmup Gig! 24/08/11


These guys are off to Bahrain soon to commence their four month residency – but, you lucky north easters pop pickers can witness their warmup show at the Sutherlands in Windy Nook – Facebook page here! It’s been a hectic week or so at the studio since this group of musicians landed, colonised the rehearsal space, and set up their stacks. 70+ songs later, they’re ready to rock.

Learn with us!


Did you know you can learn LOADS of different stuff here?

Young instrumentalist or singer? Get into it! We run band and performance workshops to take your skills to the next level, build confidence and stagecraft, and give you access to a great space to rehearse, and great equipment. One-to-one tuition on various instruments is available – check out the website or give us a ring on 0191 469 6988 for more information. Our showcases at fine local venues including The Sage Gateshead offer a unique chance to play on a world class stage and really show what you can do!

Really into your guitar and want to take it to the next level? The amazing guitar tutor Nick Able is now providing professional guitar tuition at Ginger Music Company – first session is free. If it’s time to really grow as a player, whatever level you’re at, then give us a call.

Audio / Video people! Rejoice! At our sister company Northern School of Sound, you can attain professional qualifications in Apple’s Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro  – not to mention superb training in Ableton and many other packages – check out the website here!  We also have some very exciting masterclasses in the pipeline to please even the most stubborn of audio demons. Watch this space!  Remember that Dee Dowling, director of Northern School of Sound and all round mega-trainer and audio warrior, is available for one to one training in any aspect of audio production – just get in touch and bring it to the next level!

Until next time, self-improvement fans.

Video madness.


Yesterday Minnis and Pip spent the morning turning the whole place upside down, setting up drum risers and aesthetically pleasing arrangements of speakers for the benefit of several cameras pointing around the place. The Maverick Rejects, Waterfront and Zadok rocked up later to perform hits from their latest platters. A good long day of takes and a minimum of tantrums (actually, none)…. Now to splice and dice.

If you’re interested in learning guitar to a serious level, get in touch. We have a great guitar teacher working with us – a fellow named Nick Able. You can check out his blog here. Read about the benefits of his tuition on the GMCo website here!

In other news we had some great guys in the studio this morning, with topics of discussion ranging far and wide. Mostly about Prog like. Here’s a cape


A cape.



Return of the Captain


The away team has returned from the surface of planet S23 with mineral and sheet music samples ! Welcome back chaps. Thankfully none of them were wearing a red jumper. Today the newsletter is going out so brace yourselves, internet communication fans! Engage.

Other Crack

In other less space-metaphor based news, Pip’s swinging by today to grab the Yamaha desk for some live tapemaking. Ever used the Yamaha Aw1600 for live recordings? Only two XLR inputs but if you can get away with that, it’s a good little old box.

Generally stuff going on includes Final Cut Pro (the first meet of the Toon Final Cut Pro User Group is tonight in Newcastle, FCP fans), a cool new as-un-named electronic band rocking in the rehearsal rooms, fresh coffee in the fridge, soup, and a sandwich. No bother.

Tan Lines

Dee is semi peeling, but don’t be alarmed. Canny tan for a ginger lad, and he’s on good form as we power forward into the 21st century! Watch this space… CM


Relentless Cymbals? OK.


Lots going on this week! We’ve said Cheerio to Daniel and Ashish, our heroic interns who have contributed a lot to the good ship Ginger Music Company these last couple of months. Thanks, guys – and good luck. We’re still pulling together our video-making service – watch this space for SUPREME VIDEO MAKING VIBRATIONS across the cosmos. Dee’s band 23 Skidoo are almost finished their residency over in Israel, Northern School of Sound is putting together some great new courses, and here at the studio we’re pulling together new shows, relentlessly trying to track down my coffee grinder which I think I left in a cupboard 2 years ago, etc.

Relentless CCR cymbals here (crash! crash! crash! to fade)….. And here’s a picture of Bob’s favourite type of coffee grinder. See you soon.

spong coffee grinder number one 1