More jet setting…


Well, the contract’s signed and sealed, the band is tight, and Red are heading off for a residency at the Warbler Inn in Bahrain. Playing modern chart hits and some classics, they’re a cracking outfit and we’re very excited to be seeing them heading out again after their previous work in China. Check out their promo video below!

Red are Ginger Music Company's 7 piece modern and classic chart band created for the asian market.

Red - Our fantastic 7-piece band, headed out to Bahrain soon!

We’re also pleased to be sending out another cracking band to sunnier climes – our rocking rock covers outfit 23 Skidoo are heading out for their residency at the Royal Beach Hotel in Eilat, Israel – just a few warmup gigs to go and they’re away. Big grooves. Face melting guitar solos. Cracking singing and firecracker drums – what’s not to like?

Ginger Music Company's cracking rock covers band, 23 Skidoo, are off to Eilat for their residency!

23 Skidoo. Even more rockin' than they look.


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